Industry Sector

Industry sector

The trend towards globalization of markets, customers and supply chains is changing dramatically the way businesses organize and develop.

MARKITOR for industries is a complete diagnosis perfectly suited to your business.

With this method of analysis you will benefit from a complete support device. We draw together the lines of progress towards operational excellence.

Prevention-oriented method, it aims at the continual optimization of products and modes of production. It allows to put the processes under control, to reduce the time and the costs of manufacturing, eliminating defects or obstacles at each stage of its realization. It proceeds in stages, and is accompanied by the implementation of the projects.

  • It is a method of improving quality and profitability based on the statistical control of processes.
  • It is also a method of management based on a highly supervised organization dedicated to the conduct of project.

MARKITOR for industries focuses on the most sensitive areas of the company:

  • Customer relationship management – Gestion de la relation client
  • Supplier relationship management – Gestion de la relation fournisseur
  • Supply chain management – Gestion logistique


Sales administration SD logistical performance _ LES:

  • Store location management – shipping – transportation
  • Purchasing and inventory management – MM
  • Production management – planning – PP
  • Production management in process execution – PP and MES

Product lifecycle management

  • Quality management – QM
  • Project management – PS
  • Maintenance management – PM service management – CS
  • Life cycle data management – MDL

Our customised consulting expertise

Meeting between our consultants and your project manager

  • Engineering and consulting
  • Determination of objectives, content and methods
  • Elaboration of the analytical roll

Animation and business expertise

  • Custom analytical tools
  • Expert speaker

Evaluation and monitoring of the expectation of the objectives

  • Assessment of the diagnosis by the participants
  • Synthesis interview with your project manager