Technology, Media & Telecom sector

Confronted with strong tendencies-convergence of technologies (fixed, mobile…) and services (Web services, IT enterprises, media…), technological breaks or even regulatory changes- the telecom sector must rethink their strategies.


The center of expertise “technologies, media and telecoms” of the MARKITOR is positioned as a “precursor” that helps the major players in “communications” (telecom and media) and “technologies” (software and devices) to better understand the evolution of their competitive environment and improve their competitiveness. It includes issues of strategy, growth (innovation, service development, use of intellectual property, brand management, multi-channel distribution management pricing…) and issues operational efficiency (cost effectiveness, human resources management, organization…)

MARKITOR accompanies its clients on issues of:

  • Formulate a strong vision and ambition accompany a change of business model or organization; identify new sources of growth invent and set up new business models design competitive strategies conduct pre-acquisition analyses; set up a piloting of operational and financial performance …. Strategy and organization
  • Improved operations and performance: improved commercial performance and efficiency of marketing investments; price evolution and management improve financial results through better asset and cash flow management improved management of major IT programs reducing costs and improving the operational effectiveness of core functions; lean, out sourcing and offshore approaches …