Transportation, Travel & Tourism sector

Transportation, Travel & Tourism sector

The transport, travel and tourism sector has a relative prosperity. However, companies need to overcome both strategic and operational challenges if they want to generate a competitive advantage that allows them to transform, grow and prosper.

The development of low cost business models, the increase in the power of safety and risk management issues, or the integration of sustainable development issues are all changes that the sector’s actors have to face while developing their competitive advantage.


With its expertise, the firm MARKITOR accompanies companies in their adaptation and the paths of growth, cooperation or consolidation with other actors, while raising the required level of operational performance and profitability.

With a sophisticated knowledge of the transport, travel and tourism  market and the participation in many international projects, MARKITOR’s expertise is deployed at all levels of the value chain:

  • The tourism sector is marked by heavy tendencies that transform and evolve its landscape. Ecology offers new opportunities for growth.
  • The transport sector, a large and growing market in Algeria as elsewhere. Industrial and commercial war, heavy weights of the economy, able to restore growth, companies in the sector will have to face important challenges to meet market demands and to grow their advantage competitive.
  • In the particular case of air transport, the challenge of globalization and the need for consolidation is added to achieve levels of profitability that meet the expectations of the markets. This profound transformation disrupts the priorities of traditional carriers and requires them to restructure their operations.

Improved operations and performance: improved commercial performance and efficiency of marketing investments; price evolution and management improved financial results through better asset and cash flow management improved management of major IT programs reducing costs and improving the operational effectiveness of core functions; lean, outsourcing and offshore approaches …