Automotive consulting

Automotive consulting

Training in the automotive sector

Marketing Manager

We help the directorates define winning strategies, improve their operational performance and generate an impact on the net result.


The marketing function must meet the following objectives:

-Meet customer expectations

-Promote the image of the company

-Participate in the realization of the business objectives of the company

-Analyze the local automotive market (sales volume, spare parts, workshop and commercial performance by sector and segment)

-Realization of competition mapping

-Build and implement a marketing action plan

-Manage the relationship with the secondary network

-Organize and animate the meetings of the officers

-Communicating the objectives and decisions of the subsidiary to the secondary network

-Ensure the development and implementation of local marketing policy consistent with the marketing decisions of the subsidiary

-Develop commercial actions

-Organize internal communication

-Construct promotional activities (open houses, commercial offers, exhibitions, fairs and exhibitions, contests…)

-Measure the results and control the effectiveness of the actions

-Manage inter-service relationships

-Ensure the coherence of commercial, national and local actions

-Engaging and controlling spending on the budget advertising promotion

-Manage the customer relationship by ensuring the qualitative and quantitative management on the customer data base.

E-marketing manager

E-marketing manager what is it all about?

The e-marketing manager manages the marketing of products and services on internet sites, on behalf of the company. He is responsible for the implementation operation and performance of the website. It establishes a data base of services and products available online. Depending on the fluctuation of the visits, it adjusts the commercial and promotional appeal of the content of the site. It sets up partnerships with other websites in order to optimize its SEO and therefore its performance.

The e-marketing manager has the task of analyzing the global market and the competition of its field of activity, in order to adapt long and short term strategies. It must through the introduction of promotional offers, attract visitors to the site of which it is responsible, in order to increase the online sales. His job is also to retain this clientele.

Sales Manager


-Develop individual and team performance

-Manage the sales force by a sales management

-Organize the activity and the work of its team

-Pass on the objectives to the commercial advisors

-Ensure the achievement of the objectives

-Increase AC/margin

-Coaching and facilitating the sales team

-Analyze the individual results of the team

-Prepare and conduct the sales evaluation interview

-Establish the sales force training plan

-Collaborate with the marketing manager

-Analyze the market and offers of competition in the territory

-Deploy and follow a commercial action plan

-Measuring the action plan

-Organize events

-Control a quality system in the show room

Sales administration


-To drive supplies from order to delivery

-Control the physical and outstanding stock

-Communication to sales and customer a reliable delivery time

-Optimize time and stock management

-Inform the sales team in case of delay or progress of delivery

-Follow customer orders

-Assign a consistent order to the customer’s needs.

Business Advisor


-Optimize customer contact

-Increase the profitability of the sales area

-Welcome the customer

-Introduction to sales techniques and in particular the discovery phase of the customer’s expectations and needs

-Understanding the customer

-Establish and manage a test park

-Generate the desire to own our products

-Get the customer’s commitment

-Successful sale

-Getting started and tracking the customer

-Selling associated services

-Maintaining the relationship with the client

-Develop the business clientele

Sales and Delivery Secretary


-Manage internal information

-Plan the business

-Validate customer billing