Business Angels

Business opportunities in Algeria

A business creation project requires a lot of effort, passion and perseverance. But even after a solid record, not all entrepreneurs have the chance to have sufficient personal input or address book. The solution: appeal to MARKITOR business-Angels.

MARKITOR business-Angels, this is the added value in the development of your business. We accompany you throughout your project to find the right financial partner.

  • The business angels of MARKITOR are experts in the creation, management and development of companies who invest personally in innovative projects that they have chosen to which they believe deeply.
  • MARKITOR’s business Angels are both an investor role and a mentoring role.


Call upon MARKITOR Business-Angels to finance my business

There are several ways to finance its business creation. Appealing to business Angles is one, especially when the entrepreneur needs valuable advice and an address book.

  1. The funding:

MARKITOR business-Angels has by definition a wide portfolio of natural and moral people, financially or reliable and serious people…

If he decides to finance a project, it goes through the capital contribution. In other words, business-Angels buy shares of your company in creation.

If a business-Angels invests in your company in creation, it s that he firmly believes in your project!

  1. The benefits

The logic is that a business-Angel who invests in your company to any interest to it succeeds. And to succeed, the project needs to develop quickly and well. A business-Angel will therefore play its professional network to bring you assistance (management, technical, trade …)

In addition, a business-Angel also has a spirit of an entrepreneur (like you!), he will make sure to bring you his experience, punctuated with valuable advice. Finally, remember that a business-Angel is more a partner in the deployment of your project, than a simple financier…



How to choose the right Business-Angel?

1/ Carefully, select your Business Angels:

Investors and/or networks of business-Angels by taking information on the network, its method of selection of projects and according to its geographical location (departmental, regional or national investment), its sector of activity (such health, ICT, Agro-food, environment…), its specificity (networks of alumni of major schools for example).

2/ Communicate a project summary:

Called “Executive Summary” by making contact:

  • Either through the internet site of the networks you have identified and fill in the contact form.
  • Or by contacting them by E-mail or by phone to quickly present your project and ask for their file deposit procedure.

3/ A folder for everyone:

Complete the file that each network transmits to you or that you have downloaded from their site. A single deposit: clear and concise answers.

More and more our partner networks use MARKITOR.COM to collect and select files. You connect, you create your account and your profile of startup to share it with potential investors or you present in our head office: Business Center Smahat-58 Rue Mohamed Khemisti, Sidi Bel Abbes 22 000 Algeria.

4/ The pre-selection by the business Angels:

Each network you ask for is studying the project; he makes a pre-selection of the files received on the basis of the Executive Summary. It verifies that project corresponds to the positioning of the network, the investment criteria (region, sector of activity, maturity of the project, funding sought…etc.)

We will contact you to give you a return on your project.

5/ The pitch!

Are you taking this step? Bravo! Only 1 out of 8 projects are retained on average. And now the pitch! Also called Elevator Pitch. You present your project orally with a MARKITOR trainer consultant to business Angels investors for about ten minutes followed by a question and answer session between you and the business Angels (a presentation lasts between 15 and 45 minutes according to the investment project).

6/ The verdict of the Business Angels:

The business Angels then debate the case between them. They will contact you and communicate to you in the week their feedback: continuation or not of the analysis of the file.


7/ The instruction of the file:

Then begins the instruction phase, allowing a thorough analysis of the selected projects. You then meet potential investors during several appointments to answer their additional questions on all aspects of business project, ranging from business plant to management team (profile, complementarity, experience…), the stages of development, the hypotheses underlying to your forecasts…

8/ The recovery:

You will also estimate and negotiate the valuation of your company at the time of the entry of the investors in your capital.

9/ the negotiation:

Then begins the negotiation, drafting of contractual and legal documents, and discussions on how to invest and exit the business Angels.

This opening of capital often requires the drafting of new legal statutes: a transformation in SARL, SPA, for example, and the drafting of a shareholder pact governing investor-entrepreneur relations, the modalities of Exit of the capital…

Interested investors can enter your capital individually or through an investment company joint SARL that represents the group of interested investors.

If the amounts requested are important, audits may be requested…

10/ And finally, the closing

Everyone gives their intention to invest and if an investment is confirmed, then the project enters the closing phase, materializing by the signature of the legal acts and the transfer of the funds.