MARKITOR HR/Recruitment

Human resource management professionals, we have gained the certainty that HR function is one of the most important within the company. We accompany our partners in their research of talents in order to carry out ambitious HR policies.

Our advisory role allows you to best define the profile that will fit your company and the proposed position.


Our knowledge and expertise

We provide you with experienced consultants in the field of human resources to face, at your side, an important activity and the implementation of ambitious HR projects….

MARKITOR HR consultants are handpicked and accompany companies of all sizes on all types of HR, payroll or social rights issues.

The expertise of our HR consultants allows us to best evaluate candidates who are consistent with your need.

Our solutions

You have a recruitment problem to manage but do not want to recruit internally. MARKITOR HR accompanies you by providing a recruitment consultant (s) working on your premises to deal with you in the management of this workload. They intervene with the methodology and know-how of MARKITOR HR on all types of trades and sectors of activity.

Our commitments

“For efficient human resources”

_ Evaluation

The expertise of our HR consultants allows us to evaluate the best candidates that fit your needs.

_ Candidate experience

Because it is also your image, we are very anxious to ensure and guarantee a qualitative candidate experience, a skilled workforce.

_ Customer relationship

Our advisory role allows you the best define the profile that will fit your company and the proposed position.

Areas of expertise

_ Management of the general and regulatory administration of staff:

Daily workforce management, follow-up within the framework of the laws and regulations in force, management of contracts of employment and endorsement, maintenance of regulatory registers, management of the disciplinary procedure, formalization and management of the files of illnesses, maternity leave, work accidents and management of expatriate files.

_ Payroll management:

(Analysis of payroll data: score, duration of work, calculation and follow-up of paid leave…) payroll control and verification, payroll entry, editing and auditing, payroll remittance and summary statements, payroll software setup. Treatment of periodic and annual social security charges within the time limit (CNAS, CACOBATPH and 301bis).

-Elaboration of a collective agreement;

-Elaboration and updating of a list of posts;

-Design of HR management procedures;

-Elaboration of a salary grid;

-Design and follow-up of a succession plan;

– Study of the financial impact on the payroll.

_ Reporting:

Design and follow-up of social dashboards, elaboration of job sheets, establishment of social indicators (turn-over, headcount, payroll, absenteeism, …), data listing, statistics and management of the HR data base, social balance sheet, staff monitoring and analysis with the management control department.

_ Training management:

Design, management and valuation of the training plan and management of skills and careers.

_ Management of social litigation:

Preparation of the documents and files, follow-up of the procedure and presence at the proceedings (Work inspection, the court), legal advice to the management, control of the procedures. (Conseils juridiques)

Support to the certification health and safety management standard OHSAS-ISO 18001.