Machinery and Logistics

MARKITOR Machinery & Logistics

Your window to the equipment professionals

MARKITOR machinery is a team of specialists who work seamlessly to enable buyers to find the machines they are looking for in various sectors.

The consultants and experts of MARKITOR Machinery & Logistics will accompany you in order to find and choose the right equipment supplier and the most reliable with an offer that suits you.

We intervene in the drafting of the contract and the follow-up of the order form with our experts and consultants in business law.

MARKITOR Machinery & Logistics also ensures the success and the smooth running of all stages of the supply chain. The task is facilitated by the accompaniment of a freight forwarder and a customs broker as a specialist in maritime transport, air and road transport to guarantee excellent service for all imports.

We cover all your needs for the management and clearance of your goods and operations with a firm commitment within a short time.

The experts and professionals of the MARKITOR Machinery & Logistics ensure the smooth running of the installations of your industrial machinery and equipment in partnership with suppliers and MARKITOR in order to recruit and form a workforce qualified.